Would you rather look smart or be smart?

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Truth is that you do not have to choose, but you should start by being smart and then deliberatley chose if you want to look smart (in other words – if you find that valuable – we will come back to that)!

😏 I always put on my smirky smile when someone says “I do not care about money!” Unless they are affluent they would better care. It is like saying “I don’t care what I eat”. Well it is your choice, but is not associated with being smart and will eventually affect your body and life in a negative way!

Whether we want it or not our lives are built up around earning and spending money. The money in itself do not provide value, but what we do with it (how we spend it) creates more or less value.

Some people think that better management of money is primarily relevant for people in the lower income span. Truth is they could not be more wrong. By definition people with average to high income have much more room to manoeuvre – hence the potential of better management is much higher!

The Lawyer and the untapped potential

One of my good friends work as a lawyer at an esteemed firm, and as I am sure you know he makes more money that most people could ever dream about. When talking to him about his personal finance he simply explained:

“We do not care much about how we spend our money. We have enough money to buy what we want. Me and my wife make a monthly transfer of money to a joint account which we use to pay for common expenses, we go on holidays a few times a year, we amortisise on our house and the rest we keep at a savings account.”

Well, maybe that does not sound like a problem to you, and in material sense you are right. They are fine. However, and this is important, there is huge untapped potential if they applied the simple steps set out in this program..!

Why is it so hard to optimise your spending?

The “I don’t want to know – it is probably bad”

The “It is too difficult for me, I’m not a financial expert”

The “I have enough so I do not need to bother”

The “